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7 Tips on How To Prevent Pests in Your Home

Every year, thousands of dollars are lost to damages associated with household pests such as rats. But these are not the only pests to worry about. Other pests such as mosquitoes and fleas are a vector for deadly diseases.Not only are pests a source of diseases but are also a major source of discomfort.

Prevent pests in your home

1. Ensure that holes and cracks in your home are properly sealed

Some pests like termites, cockroaches, squirrels and rats can easily get into your home through the holes and cracks in your walls and fence. By sealing these entry points, these pests lack access to your house. This will save you the expensive cost that comes with having them around.

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2. Proper disposal of leftovers

Failure to discard your waste and leftovers correctly can attract pests like houseflies and rats which can be irritating and destructive. You should, therefore, ensure that your leftovers are put in a tight lid container and handed over to a refuse collector within the shortest time possible.

3. Clear stagnant water

Standing water is not only unsightly but is a fertile breeding ground for harmful insects. For example, the female Anopheles mosquitoes and the Aedes mosquitoes which transmit malaria and the Zika virus hatch exclusively in stagnant water. Water should not be allowed to accumulate around the house and pools should be drained off immediately.

4. Clean your tables, floor, and countertops after every meal

Scraps that remain behind after meals can be a source of food for a variety of pests such as cockroaches and rats. Providing a constant source of food does not just encourage these unwanted guests, but also helps them to multiply. It is best to clean up immediately to minimize the chances of these pests encountering food.

5. Use pest control products

Insecticides are an effective means of killing flying and crawling insects. Spraying directly into the air with the doors and windows closed will prevent any new mosquitoes from coming in and will kill the ones already present in the house. Likewise, spraying the dark corners, crevices and other popular breeding spots for roaches can kill their eggs and prevent them from multiplying. When it comes to dealing with larger pests such as rats, baiting them with poison is the quickest way to eliminate them in the house.

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6. Ensure that you spray your pets regularly

Dogs and cats are easy hosts for fleas and ticks and can transmit them to human beings. Not only are these pests an irritant, but they can also spread diseases such as typhus which can cause adverse side effects and even death to human beings. Fleas and ticks can be removed from pets by regular spraying and grooming.

7. Ensure that any item you purchase is pest free

Be careful when you purchase second-hand items such as pieces of furniture as this could be an entry point for pests into your home. Bedbugs are common in used beds and sofas and chances should not be taken because these pests are particularly difficult to deal with. Other pests that can be spread this way include cockroaches.